Oh, Rush, you glorious asshole…


Rush, in his infinite wisdom, has solved the health care situation for us:

If you can’t afford it, don’t use it! He actually laughs at a caller and tells him that he shouldn’t have broken his wrist if he couldn’t pay the $6K to get it fixed.

In the same vein, Sen. Dr. John Barraso’s shocked and confused response to the President was another moment that left me similarly agape at the disconnect between our elected officials and the reality the rest of America lives in.  While singing the glories of catastrophic care insurance and health savings accounts, the Senator was taken aback when the President asked him if he would feel the same way if he made $40K a year, which the good doctor seemed to have trouble wrapping his head around.  See the video here.

It’s this condescending attitude from the rich that is so maddening to those of us falling through the cracks.  When these arguments are being put forward in this manner, it is painfully apparent that in the minds of these “leaders” health care is a privilege bestowed to those who can afford it, not a basic human need.  It’s a system set up for those who make significantly more than the average American family (however you define that term) that they expect us to just shut up and use because they tell us it’s best*.

So, the answer is apparently: Don’t get sick! Don’t get hurt! Don’t develop a genetic disease that you are incapable of avoiding!  You know how much this stuff costs – it’ your own fault if you get billed for it!

*provided you fall into the top ~20% of American households in income, this is the best system you could imagine.  The rest of you: suck it up and help those of us who actually contribute to society keep contributing by living short, disease filled lives and dying quickly.


2 Responses to “Oh, Rush, you glorious asshole…”

  1. Relentless Says:

    Great post.
    BTW, if you want to get rid of that “Just another WordPress… go to your dashboard, then to general settings, you can just delete it, or change it to whatever you want.

    • bakersbriefings Says:

      Thanks for the tip. I’m still fiddling with the WordPress setup, trying to find my footing. I think I’ll be hosting myself here in a couple weeks, so I’m holding off on finalized design and whatnot until I get the shenanigans taken care of.

      Gotta tell you, when I checked out Relentless Transience, I was not why you thought my post was good, but you turned it around on me. A deadpan sarcastic delivery of the Republican narrative is an excellent way to point out the silliness of the substance to True Believers. Unfortunately, they rarely get the “sarcastic” part of that. So, I get to speak my mind, and my father in law gets to tell himself that I agree with him. It works out well.

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