Health Care Reform: GOP Was For It Before They Were Against It


Here’s a fascinating chart (helpfully compiled by those terrorists over at Kaiser Health News) comparing the current House and Senate bills for health care reform to the 1993 Republican counter-proposals to Clinton’s reform efforts in 1993.  Just to make sure that there is no confusion, Republican opposition to this bill is in no way ideologically driven, it’s politically motivated to deny Democrats any victory at all at the expense of people’s very lives.  Sorry for the bombast, but looking at the items that Republicans proposed then and rail against now, that is the only possible way to read this.

Major Provisions Senate Bill 2009 Sen. Chafee (R) Bill 1993 Rep. Boehner (R) Bill 2009
Require Individuals To Purchase Health Insurance
(Includes Religious and/or Hardship Exemption)
Yes Yes No (individuals without
coverage would be taxed)
Requires Employers To Offer Health Insurance To Employees Yes (above 50 employees, must help pay for insurance costs to workers receiving tax credits
for insurance)
Yes (but no requirement to contribute to premium cost) No
Standard Benefits Package Yes Yes No
Bans Denying Medical Coverage For Pre-existing Conditions Yes Yes No (establishes high risk pools)
Establish State-based Exchanges/Purchasing Groups Yes Yes No
Offers Subsidies For Low-Income People To Buy Insurance Yes Yes No
Long Term Care Insurance Yes (sets up a voluntary insurance plan) Yes (sets standards for insurance) No
Makes Efforts To Create More Efficient Health Care System Yes Yes Yes
Medicaid Expansion Yes No No
Reduces Growth In Medicare Spending Yes Yes No
Medical Malpractice Reform No Yes Yes
Controls High Cost Health Plans Yes (taxes on plans over $8,500 for single coverage to $23,000 for family plan) Yes (caps tax exemption for employer-sponsored plans) No
Prohibits Insurance Company From Cancelling Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Prohibits Insurers From Setting Lifetime Spending Caps Yes No Yes
Equalize Tax Treatment For Insurance Of Self-Employed No Yes No
Extends Coverage To Dependents Yes (up to age 26) No Yes (up to age 25)
Cost $871 billion over 10 years No CBO estimate $8 billion over 10 years
Impact On Deficit Reduces by $132 billion over 10 years No CBO estimate Reduces by $68 billion over 10 years
Percentage Of Americans Covered 94% by 2019 92-94% by 2005 82% by 2019

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