Contemporary Conservatism


An excellent repudiation of the current “conservative” movement from Mickey Edwards.  All too often, it seems that blog posts about who is saying what is just a game to folks, to see who is falling where and gauging what problems that will cause to the system in place.  In my defense for posting the same kind of thing, I think that Edwards makes some excellent points that are useful to ponder, as opposed to the “oh, snap” impulse of saying something mean and unexpected.

I’m not at CPAC because I believe in America. I believe in liberty. I believe that governments should be held in check. I believe people matter. I believe in the flag not because of its shape or color but because of the principles it stands for–the principles in the Constitution, the principles repeated and underlined and highlighted and boldfaced and italicized in the Bill of Rights. The George W. whose presidency and precedents I admire was the first president, not the 43d. It is James Madison I admire, not John Yoo. Thomas Paine, not Glenn Beck. Jefferson, not Limbaugh.

Ronald Reagan would not have been welcome at today’s CPAC or a tea party rally, but he would not have wanted to be there, either. Neither do I.

How many current “conservatives” could say the same?  Ok, rephrase.  How many could say the same and actually back up what they had to say, as opposed to throwing the names of respected writers and leaders out there as if they automatically back what you are doing?

(I’ll be honest, Edwards does predate my involvement in politics by quite a while, so I had to look him up.  I was shocked at his Republican bona fides, and I’m sure we’ll be reading about how he’s been kicked out of the party in the days to come.)


One Response to “Contemporary Conservatism”

  1. Republicans want want failure, they want things like the insurance companies to continue to rake in billions and to keep the unwealthy at a disadvantage. The infrastructures portion was what we needed to get us going in advancing our country to come into the present but the old conservatives who want to go back to the “simpler times” (ie. slavery, and racial discrimination via lower education). Our country and everyday people need help due to bad financial policy and they are just not getting it. Who is getting it? Big business. God bless America.

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