Non-sequitor: Nick Hornsby on Modern Music


Well I guess this is growing up.

I’ve been a fan of Nick Hornsby since I first saw High Fidelity in college and felt like I was watching my friends shoot the shit back home.  About A Boy was a fantastic book, and anyone who grew up with vivid memories of listening to Nirvana needs to read it.  Obviously, music is a theme to his work, not as a musician, but as a person who loves listening to music (i.e., the vast majority of the population compared to those who make music), and how the consumption of music changes not just because of technology but because of the age of the consumers.  Very interesting thought, as I have been feeling increasingly alienated from some of my favorite music lately because I am simply not in a place where it is relevant anymore.  I guess I’m the shit, now I’m all growed up.

I tried to find some quotes to put up here to show you why you should click the link and read the whole article, but, well, he’s British and wordy and anything interesting is too long to block quote here.  So, just read the whole thing and enjoy.

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