Hypocrisy: Education Style


David Bradley, a Republican on the Texas State Board of Education, has been coming out telling parents to keep their kids home this morning to keep the Obamination from deflowering thier children with his propaganda.  He has also been pushing a proposal to include specific Conservative figures from the 20th century in the cirricula. 

I was going to leave this as a joke about only one of these being government mandated indocrinations, but I’m slightly convinced this isn’t the worst idea in the world.  For most Americans, the most exposure to history they will receive is in high school, why shouldn’t they be exposed to the ideas of people and organizations that have shaped their world?  You dont think history books had to be forced, either by legisation or school boards, to include blacks and women?  Like it or not, conservatives are a major force in shaping our world, and it is the duty of public schools to prepare students to participate in the world. 

Besides, when you look over the history of the 20th century in a high school textbook, it is a long litanny of the triumphs of the progressive movement, with explanation of its opposition done so dryly that students can’t comprehend how different that world was from ours. It would be hard look at the advancements made and not consider that the progressive side has something to offer.


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