Congratulations, Sarah Palin, You’ve Been Nominated to Save the Republican Party in 2012!*


*certain restrictions apply, most notably, that you will go down in history as the nadir of the Republican Party and impetus for its historic move into the 21st century.

It took a massive 49-1 loss in the 1984 election for the Democratic party to wake up and refocus to be the dominant political party 25 years later.  Maybe what the Republicans need is a similar spanking, and I can think of just the person for the ticket.  Let’s see, who’s so painfully naive, impressionable, and susceptible to powerful voices that any sane person could not possibly see them as qualified to be president?

In other Palin-related news, I wanted to share with you that I’ve become a fan of Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish.  I particularly admire his passion for thoroughly discrediting Sarah Palin in every avenue possible.  Yes, he’s a founding member of the original Birther movement that questioned whether the Governess was in fact the mother of her youngest child. I’m not sure I completely buy that story, but in searching for the truth of the matter, Sullivan has helped to drive the inept and venal nature of the vice-presidential nominee into the public consciousness.  On behalf of all of us, thank you for your work, Mr. Sullivan. 

Levi Johnston has come out and said that Mrs. Palin repeatedly tried to convince Bristo and himself to allow her to claim Bristol’s unborn child as her own to avoid the media scrutiny of her 17-year-old daughter having an illegitimate child, so of course I turn to the Daily Dish for some insight:

And how would you pull off such a conspiracy anyway? Where would you find a doctor to fake a birth certificate? How would you persuade Bristol and Levi to go along with it? How would you find a hospital pliant enough to pull a bait-and-switch? How would you make yourself appear pregnant while your daughter was hidden away – when you are a sitting governor of a state and being photographed around the clock? How would you orchestrate not only a fake pregnancy but a fake birth? Only someone truly unhinged would dream of such a plot. And am I the only one who thinks it matters if this country might have put such an unhinged person in the most powerful office in the world?

No, Andrew, you’re not.


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