Another Kenyan birth certificate to start off the week. 

Good thing it’s already been debunked by Wait, what?  When WDN doesn’t believe you’re holding the proof that Obama was born in Kenya, then you’re not even trying.  Not familiar with them?  They’re an online “news” organization that makes Fox News look like NPR.  Even loyal Dittoheads pause when they read their stuff. 

Since this newest birth certificate is being presented by Orly Taitz, perhaps those who sympathize with the Birthers should ask themselves if they should be buying into the arguments of a movement built and ideologically run by a woman that is so willing to publicly lie and slander?  Every day there’s a new reason to distrust Obama out of her mouth without a shred of evidence for any of it.  She has a preconcieved goal (removal of Obama from office by means other than an election) and is attempting to create “facts” that will result in her goal, she’s not following the facts to their logical conclusion.


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