Hypocrisy? In My Health Care Debate? It’s More Likely Than You Think…


So it’s perfectly fine to cost the government $750 billion when it’s erasing estate taxes, but it’s not ok to spend the same amount of money on health care for all Americans?  Apparently if you’re a Republican Senator, that statement is true.  This is the kind of hypocrisy that kills me.

The original source for that $750 billion number is Ezra Kline at the Washington Post.  His piece looked at the muddled situation that the lack of a public option will create regarding inflating premiums, but it made me think about other hypocricies, like “Why should I pay for someone else to go to the doctor?” 
As if you’re paying to the doctor.  Anyone asking this question is someone who has health insurance, so they are just paying a co-pay.  The rest of the visit is underwritten by their monthly premiums. but if this individua l is otherwise healthy, then the money he is paying in premiums is underwriting someone else’s expenses.  Or it’s going to the pockets of shareholders.  So you’re already paying for someone else’s health care, but you also get to pay more to send the CEO of the company on his vacation.  That’s so very generous of you, Mr. Hypothetical Tax Payer Opposed to Reform.  I wish your generosity extended to your fellow citizens. 
Why is this system preferable to one where all the money being paid would be used for medical costs?  Why is it better to give your money to a private company to pay someone else’s bills than to pay the government so that you can help your sick neighbor?

One Response to “Hypocrisy? In My Health Care Debate? It’s More Likely Than You Think…”

  1. hippieprof Says:

    Hear hear!

    — hippieprof

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