Kill It, Boy! Kill It Good!


If you have children, and you have a bad day with them and you feel like a bad parent, just remember: at least you didn’t expressly tell him that everyone who disagrees with you is deserving of hatred and that compassion will get him killed.

Ok, that wasn’t as succinct as I hoped it would be.  But you get the point.  Remember, whenever you see something that you kind of agree with in American Thinker, you can point to this article and remind yourself that they published this dehumanizing justification for every wartime atrocity ever committed, every act of torture…sorry, lost myself for a minute.  Pretty riled up over this one.

Then again, a dirty Blame America hippy like me WOULD be the kind of person who got revulsed at the idea of America not being divinely protected and correct in every choice it makes.  I should make myself sick.

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