Apparently, the inept federal government that couldn’t possibly run a health insurance program is actually able to brainwash children with the power of a supervillain.  That’s the only possible explanation for why parents are demanding schools not air Obama’s speech directed at children. 

Flabbergasted.  I know, the point of a blog is to talk about things, but what is there to say?  Surely they understand that the presidency is not just a political position – it has great power to inspire and connect with children about America itself, not just a political party.  Do they intend for their children to only know who the president is when he’s the “right” president? Will they not teach their children about the position to avoid drawing their impressionable minds towards the person who fills it?

This is shameless pandering, but what to do about it?

I think that the only way to help curb this type of behavior is with a concentrated campaign to promote the concept of America, united as Americans.  Not because of accident of birth (though there is a lot of that), not by millenia-old traditions, not by language, not by religion, but by the ideas we hold to be important – the Constitution.  I know, call me Jimmy Stewart, but unless you aren’t paying attention, there is no common ground anymore.  Don’t like the news? Get a whole different news from another source.  Don’t read things that you disagree with.  When you start out with different sets of facts, you can’t come together over anything.

Here’s a fun thought: compare this idea of disembodying the opposition into something inherently wrong with the idea from the post below about encouraging the young to hate the “other”.

Funner thought: wait, isn’t that what’s happening with all the talk of armed revolt and bringing weapons to town hall meetings? 

PS: to bring us back to the original point of a presidential speech as a political tool, I would like to point out that G.H.W.B. did it in 1991.


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  1. Sara Says:

    Reagan did it, too.

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