Do you have any options in your health care?


I don’t understand why it’s called the public option.   Is there a private option?  I mean that question seriously.  Did you choose your health care?  Or did your company? Why are people scared of not having any choice in their coverage when they don’t have one now?

I sincerely don’t understand how people can in good conscience claim that there is no reform needed, or that reform has to be market based.  The market we have now is not based on providing quality at affordable prices.  It is based on making money for stockholders.  Unless you change the marketplace, you won’t change a thing. 

That’s why I have come on board the public option bandwagon:

President Obama often says that a public option will help keep the private insurers honest. What he doesn’t say, but surely knows, is that private insurers’ duties to their shareholders may be irreconcilable with their duties to their customers. Should that prove true, a public option would provide a necessary refuge.

This excerpt is from an excellent analysis of the necessity of the public option by Timothy Noah.  Read it and know better the next time someone spouts something ridiculous.

Long story short: I don’t trust a for-profit company to get me well and charge me fairly in my time of need.  They have no reason to, every reason not to, and a history of doing what I am afraid of.  Why would I believe they would change of their own free will?  The government exists to do that which individuals or private organizations cannot. I don’t want  “The Gummit” to take over everything because I think they will do better job of it, I want it to get involved because it is the only  organization not beholden to profits and shareholders.


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