It was only a matter of time before someone asked Who Would Jesus Insure?.  It’s unfortunate that MSNBC asked the question, since no one who would be swayed heard it.

I think the best sign of the cognitive dissonance on the part of many Christian righties is this sample of the comments section:

The entire argument that Christ would have preferred Universal Healthcare is specious because Christ ABOVE ALL would’ve preferred EFFECTIVE healthcare for ALL his people without diminishing their individual will.

Um…dude…who’s side are you on?

I think this is an excellent opportunity to turn the Christian Reich’s arguments around on them.  If this is a “Christian Nation” and Christians are supposed to take care and comfort the poor, how in the world can you be against this?  I would think the Bible’s numerous exhortations to care for the needy would trump any other issue to someone that considers their religion to strongly inform their politics.  Maybe it’s time for a few to sit up and realize that there’s nothing Christian (or un-Christian) about small government or the “death tax” or illegal immigration, and that maybe the people who they listen to just might be using their faith to promote their own agendas (*cough*-Glen Beck-*cough*)


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