Orly Taitz – Batshit Crazy or Batshitiest Crazy?


If  you ever doubt that Obama is a citizen, if you “heard something” about him that sounds too  awful to be real, Orly Taitz is probably the source of it.  Please, if you have any sympathic feelings towards the Birthers, take 5 minutes to read and interview with her and then 5 more to evaluate whether it makes as much sense anymore.

An excerpt of the interviewers thoughts:

Like most of us, only a lot more so, she grabs the facts that fit and discards the rest. An Internet poll showing that people distrust Obama must be true, but telephone polls showing otherwise don’t count. Nor is she claiming that something is “true” as long as she only insinuates it, rather than asserts it outright. She sees no problem with her own behavior, nor a need to actually advance her case beyond suggestion. Overwhelming evidence marshaled against her is invariably tainted or corrupt, but even the most minor victories are vindications of her paranoia. A failure to agree with her is a failure to acknowledge the truth.


One Response to “Orly Taitz – Batshit Crazy or Batshitiest Crazy?”

  1. Sara Says:

    Batshittiest of all the batshits ever to batshit.

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