Best Health Care in the World!


Why in hell do people get away with saying we have the best health care in the world?  For the last time, people, anyone who tells you that is either lying or uninformed.  Don’t believe me? Do the work and look it up yourself, don’t trust Bob from the gas station (or click here). 

In the age of the Internet, it is unconscionable that someone would repeat a statistic or make a claim that is so easily refutable.  I’m not talking about just politicians and talking heads – normal everyday people have it in their power to go out and find information that used to require days or months of work to unearth.   Use that power. Don’t parrot what someone says just because he has a TV show or a microphone.


One Response to “Best Health Care in the World!”

  1. Sara Says:

    Any advice on politely correcting people you otherwise love and respect when they start spouting wrong and laughable information?

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