Hello, and welcome!


Thanks for stopping by!  I’m Baker, these are my briefings. And that’s all I have to say on that. I’ll let Mr. Anonymous take it from here. 

Q: What’s a briefing?
A: You’re reading a blog. Written by a guy named Baker.  Baker’s Blog sounded a little too precious, so that’s what  was chosen.

Q: What can I expect here?
A: You can expect thoughts and commentary on the news and commentary of the day, with a fair bit of wit and profanity for flavor.  Political party is not an affiliation that counts for much around here.

Q: So what does count for much around here?
A: Actual thought and discussion, a respect for the tradition of rhetoric, and a dislike of all television news not confined to 30 minutes twice a day.

Q: But so much is happening in these dangerous times.  How could you miss something that might be important?
A: You obviously have never actually watched an avergae hour of CNN or Fox News.  By trying to fill their 24 hours a day, these networks have unwisely turned to hosts who are able to bring in ratings, not advance journalistic excellence or to further the civic debate in America.

Q: That’s not true! Glen Beck is just saying what others are too scared to say!
A: Shut up.

Q: Seriously! What’s wrong with –
A: No, seriously, shut up.  People are starting to look at you.  Don’t do this. No sane person who wishes to be taken seriously ever admits that Glen Beck isn’t always a raving lunatic.  You can think it, but it’s such a small percent of his contribution that it’s impossible to ignore the damage that he does to people’s intellect (not to mention their souls).  Understood?

Q: You’re kind of a jerk, aren’t you?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I go now?
A: Yes.


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